Sharing our Faith in the Workplace

Expressing our faith publicly is becoming more challenging during this current age, but the workplace itself is not the primary cause of the challenges. It’s important to recognize that the workplace is primarily a business that is responding to, and reflective of, the wants and needs of a particular market audience, which is our current secular culture. 

The current culture in which we live is becoming increasingly secular and less interested in spiritual things. Businesses react to the marketplace and customer demographics. The attraction of our culture through entertainment, technology, and worldly success is far more appealing to secular people than seeking to understand or submit to any spiritual authority. This has led to a range of reactions to the Christian faith from indifferent tolerance to all-out attacks. Workplace Christians are often tempted to hide their faith out of fear of retaliation or even to protect their job security.

Persecution has been part of the Christian life since the days of the early Church. However, many of us have been protected by the general acceptance of Christianity as part of our culture. That is no longer the case. Religious persecution has come in the form of lawsuits, ridicule, accusations of hypocrisy, and in some cases, violence, and death. In most areas of the world, Christianity is not widely accepted or is becoming increasingly minimized. As a culture becomes less and less accepting of God, it becomes more and more adversarial to Him and His people.

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Brad Payne
President – College Golf Fellowship, Dallas Theological Seminary Board Member