Being a Godly Leader

Countless books on leadership fill our shelves. They range from effective team leadership to the development of business strategy. There are books on how to lead non-profit businesses and volunteer organizations. There are a multitude of tests to determine your leadership style and development opportunities. Subject-matter experts range from successful leaders of large organizations to motivational speakers. The world offers many leadership programs that claim to ensure success. While the authors and speakers sell a lot of books and are awarded with many speaking engagements, the methods and results vary and are often ineffective long-term. 

Most secular leaders and managers latch onto a method they believe works for them and their organization. They evangelize this process with passion, sometimes with impressive results . . . but again, not long-term. Soon, there will be a different leader with a different method with different objectives and results.

An effective leader is one who thinks and operates on a long-term strategy and develops short-term objectives to achieve that strategy. In a Christian sense, we are to think eternally but live temporally. Christ’s objective is eternal. His desire is for all to be saved and have the gift of eternal life. But this requires humility and submission to God’s glory.

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Telvin Jeffries
Former Chief Human Resources Officer – Kohl’s Corporation, Former Global Chief Human Resources Officer – RadioShack Corporation